What’s the big idea?
This site allows people explore and buy the artwork of Mt. Hood Artisans 24/7, 365.

How does this work?
Each artist has 3 pictures on the site as well as their contact information/link to their site. We connect you with the artist.  You buy works directly from the artist.

How does it make money?
That’s really not the intent. This is a localized effort to help the Mt. Hood artist community.

How do I make sure to hear about new stuff?
Sign up for our mailing list here.

What do I need to participate as an artist?
There are a few minimum requirements that you need to be sure you meet; you must:

  • live in the Villages of Mt. Hood (at least part-time)
  • have at least one piece for sale at all times
  • have a website that allows for e-commerce

In addition, there are a few rules of engagement; you must:

  • agree to be available to potential buyers by phone and/or email
  • coordinate the hassle-free sale and shipping of you works
  • communicate with administrators of MtHoodArtisans.com as needed

Download our artist application packet.

How do I get started?
Contact Chris Martin at jackboymartin@mac.com // 503-806-3645.

What happens if I have a problem?
Contact Chris Martin at jackboymartin@mac.com // 503-806-3645.

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